Powers Home Games is located inside of Powers Candy Co. Inc. in Pocatello, Idaho and offers a large selection of:

Powers Home Games
Inside Powers Candy Co
1155 Wilson Ave
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Phone: 208-237-3311
Toll-Free: 1-800-632-0907
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Do you love to play Pool Games like 8 ball, 9 ball, Cut-throat, and other Billiard Games but thought owning your own table was too expensive and/or you don't have a game room?

What about darts, airhockey, fooseball or shuffleboard?

Ever considered you'd enjoy Treasure Hunting with metal detectors or panning for gold?

If you are looking for fun and exciting games you can play with your friends and family or are seeking something more challenging, then....

Powers Home Games
Billiard Pool Tables
Pool Ball, Racks,
Cues, Chalk, Supplies
Game Room, House Bar,Back Bars, Stools, Players Chairs
The Game of Pool
Treasure Hunting,
Metal Detectors, Gold Panning
Darts,Dartboards and
Shuffleboard,Poker, Table Tennis,Game Tables
Fooseball, Air Hockey,
Popcorn, Game Room Accessories
Clearance Sale - Olhausen
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Inside Powers Candy Co.
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We Sell Fun and Games!
Powers Home Games
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