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Add excitement of foosball into your game room with the Premier Indoor Foosball Table. This soccer game table is built with style and comfort in mind. Large, solid, rubber grips allow for comfortable handling during play, and the cabinet is a smart looking light butcher block finish that is sure to blend into your game room's décor.
Kicker – Contender exclusive sturdy cabinet with a matte black finish
Three – man goalie offers a wall of defense and incredibly fast play
Adjustable leg levelers make installation and leverling easy on uneven floors.
Externally – attached cup holders secrure refresements away from the playing surface
Dual – side ball returns make ball retieval easy and keeps the game fast
Dimensions – 30”W x 56” L x 35” H
Foosball Player Sets. Available in different colors and styles
Foosball Handles and Grips
Foosball ball Sets. Available in different colors and styles
•Light butcher block
•MDF Side walls and playfield
•Large, solid, rubber grips
•Double chrome rods
•14" Body
•Assembly required
•Regulation Size: 55" x 29" x 34"
Brunswick Wind Chill
Add more fun to your game room with the Wind Chill Air Hockey table. Sleek contemporary styling on a sturdy pedestal base features dual abacus scorers and constant flow UL blower. Two mallets and four pucks included with each table kit. Available in 7-foot size.
The hottest look in Air Hockey since Brunswick invented the game more than 30 years ago. The V-force table rocks with state-of-the-art electronic scoring and exceptional speed of play. Cool black mallets are easy to control for precise shots on goals. Durable aluminum rails with powder-coated metal corners accelerate the action. Super slick, scuff-proof “ice” helps keep the table looking sharp even after hours of intense competition. Two mallets and four pucks included with each table kit. Available in 7-foot size.
Great for beginners or pros. The Viper 7' Air Hockey Table includes all you need to play the perfect game. Complete with four pushers, four pucks, and side insert electronic scoring so you can concentrate on having fun! An extra large, glossy white surface resembles the ice, and leg levelers ensure a fair, quality game every time.

•Smooth, white playing surface resembles the ice
•Leg levelers included
•Side insert electronic scorer
•110v motor
•Complete with 4 pushers and 4 pucks
•Dimensions: 84L x 48W x 32H inches
Brunswick V-Force
Viper 7 foot Air Hockey Table
Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles
Did you know that Americans consume some 16 billion quarts of this whole grain treat each year? That’s 52 quarts per man, woman, and child!

It doesn’t matter how you cover it: butter, caramel, or dusted with black truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Popcorn is the tasty treat that’s dominated the world’s snacking culture for centuries. Popcorn is also so much more than a snack; it’s a unifying factor across the globe. Everyone fondly remembers when they had their first taste and exactly where they were.

So…why not add this tasty treat to your home theatre room or game room? Powers Home Games is also your one-stop shop for everything you need including carts, accessories, popcorn supplies, popcorn staging cabinets, cleaning supplies, and much, much more! What can we do for you?
Featuring 4 to 8 oz. popcorn poppers, these machines are available in a variety of colors and styles. From antique to racecar poppers, we have the look to get you noticed and fit in with any décor.
These popcorn carts are offered in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your popcorn machine. While the popcorn carts are made with the latest technology, they add a classic touch to the overall look.
Popcorn Flavorings, Oil, Seasonings, Scoops and Containers
Now we're popping! From Popcorn flavors to serving containers, we've got all the proper ingredients!
Now you can entertain in true billiard style with Bagso Fun! Bag Toss. Perfect for parties, tallgating, picnics and even league play. Officially sized with build-in durability, this family gam is easy to take on the road or play right in your game room.

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